Don’t and Do: Engagement Session Prep

The time is here! Time to get your pictures taken!! First of all, I want to congratulate you on your upcoming wedding!!! You must be so excited! Yes, I use a lot of exclamations to show my excitement lol! I encourage you to follow along with these next few tips but please feel free to wear and do what makes you feel the most you! DO NOT change who you are to please others especially in this stage of your life where it should be all about you and your future hubby/wifey ❤️


*Avoid big brand logos/writing or TV characters. This will help avoid distractions from your personality.

*Don’t dress too casual, a photoshoot is a special occasion that will stay in your family for generations. Wear your best business casual or Sunday best!

*Don’t wait until the day of your session to try on your outfit. Try it on a few days before to see if you like how it looks and is comfortable.

*Stay away from cloth that is too tight and too big. You want to look good in your pictures and feel confident.

*Wear something that makes you feel the most you but keep in mind you don’t want to look uncomfortable either.


*Wear something that fits and shows your figure well. DO NOT TRY TO FIT INTO SOMETHING THAT’S WAY TOO BIG OR WAY TOO TIGHT ON YOU. Embrace your beauty babe!

*Stick to solid colors. Colors that you like and are flattering to your skin tone. Also, keep in mind the time of year it is and what season it is. This will help you narrow down what colors look good for the environment. Do not try to match (It will not come out how you think). Narrow down 2-3 colors for your color scheme and match that.

*Bring any accessories that have significance to you. But remember to keep it simple.

*Ideas for women: Hats, Pendants, hairpieces, necklaces, bracelets, scarfs, flowers, etc

*Ideas for men: Hats, Watches, Suspenders, Belts, etc

You want your photos to look like you! So bare these tips in mind but ultimately wear what you’re comfortable in because no matter what you will shine!

Marissa + Brandon on their Malibu Adventure Engagement Session
Denise + Nick on their sunrise Griffith Engagement Session
Juana + Victor’s ’73 Vintage VW Engagement Session

Melaney Sotelo Photography is a California and Destination Wedding, Elopement, and Lifestyle photographer. Capturing all the moments so you don’t have to worry about not saving all those memories for generations to come! I hope this is helpful while planning for your upcoming engagement session!


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January 24, 2020



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